About Lab


  • Vision: To make 'Digital India Advance' synonymous with 'excellence' in the realm of surgical pathology
  • Mission: To provide the highest quality diagnosis with the lowest possible turnaround time
  • The first and only one of its kind super-speciality pathology lab in this part of the city
  • Exclusive focus on histopathology, cytology and immunohistochemistry

DIGITAL INDIA ADVANCED DIAGNOSTIC & IMAGING CENTRE uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure accuracy and precision. Our skilled team provides conclusive diagnosis and prepares you to receive the most effective medical treatment.Under the leadership of Mr. Manish, we aim to supply our patients with high-quality diagnosis in a minimal timeframe, so that they may pursue the required treatment. Our commitment to prioritizing the best interests of our patients has made us one of the most trusted diagnosis centres in New Delhi.

We are a team of dedicated professionals engaged in providing ultra-modern diagnostic facilities to the people of Delhi. In the highly specialized world of medicine today, one needs specific qualifications and experience for different fields such as radiology, pathology, anesthesia etc. At DIGITAL INDIA ADVANCED DIAGNOSTIC & IMAGING CENTRE, we have full time Radiologists, Pathologists, Anesthetists, Biochemists, Microbiologist, Gynaecologist and wellness consultant each with ample experience in their respective field. Total quality management and superb efficiency are the core of success in any field esp. diagnostics. In our team, we have highly experienced people who take care of the day-to-day management leaving the specialized doctors free to concentrate on diagnosis.

Our motto - "Diagnosing Diligently...!"

  • Skilled pathologist backed by a qualified and well-trained staff.
  • In-house grossing, processing and reporting with state of the art equipments.
  • Infrastructure to perform procedures such as FNAC and PAP.