FNAC / Cytopathology Diagnosis

FNAC / Cytopathology Diagnosis

FNAC means fine needle aspiration cytology. A fine bore thin needle is used to aspirate cells from tumour/swelling and diagnosis is made looking at the characteristics of the cell; which is precisely study of cells/cytology. FNAC procedures are performed at Parikshan by skilled professionals & adequacy of the sample is tested on table. FNAC is highly effective in providing rapid diagnosis of breast, thyroid & lymph node lesions among others. FNAC is minimally invasive and safe procedure which takes maximum 5-10 minutes to be performed. After the procedure, material collected from the lump/swelling is spread on the slides and examined under the microscope with special staining techniques. The cell morphology is examined in detail and diagnosis is given so that further medical and surgical decisions can be made.

We at Parikshan aim to perform procedures with highest accuracy & efficacy with shortest possible turn-around time.

We perform following FNAC procedures in our lab:

  • Thyroid
  • Lymph Node
  • Breast Tumours
  • Neck swellings
  • Salivary gland/parotid gland swelling

We also process smears obtained from USG or CT guided FNAC procedures. We arrange sample pick up from centres all across Mumbai.